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Will my tie dye wash out and fade?

     Short answer: No. Long answer: Dyed and Company uses Fiber Reactive Dyes in conjunction with a fixative which means that the colors you see are bonded to the fibers in your shirt. If you keep your shirt for the next twenty years, and we hope you do, you may see some normal wear as the fibers in your shirt break down over the years but fading should be absolutely minimal.

Hint: wash ALL of your clothes in cold water and avoid machine drying when possible to preserve their lifespan.


Will my t-shirt shrink?

    That depends. Dyed and Company uses preshrunk cotton (which usually still shrinks) and pre-washes your shirt at least twice before you receive it. But in some cases, if you wash and dry your garment on high heat, it may shrink. This is particularly true of our hand dyed hoodies and sweatshirts so be sure to wash and dry according to the directions on the garment's tag. 


Will the colors in my tie dye bleed?

   Any garment dyed apparel is likely to bleed at least a bit over the first few washings. Dark jeans leaving a blue hue on your whites? Yep, that happens. Dyed and Company has washed, rinsed, and rewashed your shirt to make sure bleeding is minimal so provided you sort your colors like your mom told you, you should be good.

Hint: Do not wash tie dye (or anything else) with Grandma's white lace tablecloth.


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