What is Dyed and Company?

Between the Atlantic Seaboard Fall Line and the Outer Banks, in that inconspicuous, smooth, green field on your map, lies a region so rich, diverse, and full of life that it has become the setting for books, movies, and television shows. It plays host to a cornucopia of flora and fauna including the Venus flytrap, native only to this region.

This Coastal region of North Carolina is affectionately called Down East. It's where we’ve made our home and it’s where we make our tie dyes. 

We are endlessly inspired by this region, by the colors and shapes found in its marshes, rivers, beaches, grasslands, flowers, forests, insects, mammals, and birds (especially the birds). We’re inspired by its people who, with grit and grace, bloom hurricane after hurricane. 

When you think "tie dye" you may think rainbows and Woodstock or Venice Beach but the influence of our region sets Dyed and Company tie dyes apart from that. We mix the calm, soothing colors that surround us with classic and new techniques to create unique and beautiful pieces of wearable art. 

And who is we? Well, that’s me, Marg Cooper, my son, my two cats, along with my sisters Caroline Cooper and Kat Landreth, from afar. We’re North Carolina natives. We’ve lived other places and traveled to far off lands but we spent our formative years right here Down East and I came all the way back here to raise my family and pursue my art. So that’s what I’m doing. And I’m grateful I get to share it with you.